About Us

Cinema today has a whole new avatar. Digital technology with satellite networking has brought in a revolution in distribution and delivery of films. Wide releases on day one translates to new economies of scale and flexibility in programming guarantee higher occupancy. Visits to the cinema hall are more frequent as quality of the movie experience is far superior today. Maximizing on these advantages and delivering the power of cinema is the latest digital cinema technology from Real Image. Equipped with a large network of theaters armed with QUBE digital cinema servers and projectors where each theater is networked to a central server by satellite. Film and ad content are mastered centrally and served to the nodes via satellite connectivity and central playlist creation and monitoring are no more a dream.

Real Image Media Technologies is India’s leading provider of technology in the film, video and audio domains and has pioneered several technology revolutions over the last 20 years. Established in 1986, the company was instrumental in bringing computer-based digital non-linear editing to India with Avid Technology, transforming the industry and forever changing the way Indian film and television programs were edited. Real Image subsequently brought digital cinema sound to India with DTS and helped Indian cinema leapfrog a generation, from mono sound directly to digital. With its Qube Cinema end-to-end digital cinema product line, Real Image has made an impact worldwide and is the only Indian company – and amongst a handful worldwide – with DCI compliant digital cinema technology. Real Image’s technology is being used by some of the biggest names in Cinema worldwide – Sony Pictures, Technicolor, DreamWorks in USA, IMAX in Canada, Odeon, Arts Alliance, BAFTA in UK, Cinecitta and Arri in Germany, Screevision in France and RedeCine in Portugal to name a few.