QCN commissions Nielsen Company to conduct study in state of Tamil Nadu on impact of advertising in cinema

QCN retained Aqumena Marketing Services to conceptualise the study and derive a currency to measure the reach and frequency of specific cinema advertising schedules.

Qube Cinema Network (QCN), the digital advertising division of Real Image, a leading technology developer and enabler for the entertainment industry and the only DCI compliant technology Indian company commissioned The Nielsen Company to conduct a study in the state of Tamil Nadu on the impact of advertising in cinema. QCN retained Aqumena Marketing Services to conceptualise the study and derive a currency to measure the reach and frequency of specific cinema advertising schedules.

With the growing variety of viewing options available on television, audiences are fragmenting. Because of exploding ad clutter levels, tthreshold levels to achieve minimum impact on TV are rising every day. Though television is a cost-effective medium to reach out to audiences, in the absence of accountable alternatives until now, the excess spends on television have been climbing. In a typical advertising plan that pumps Rs 50 lakhs a month into leading TV channels in Tamil Nadu, it is estimated that 40-50% of the viewers may not get enough exposure( effective reach) to the ad whereas a further 15-20% could end up getting too much.

The data from the research shows that inclusion of Cinema in a media plan can deliver “effective reach” perhaps more cost-efficiently than a broad based TV only media plan. It emphasizes networked Cinemas (positioned as an asynchronous channel) as an excellent adjunct medium to the prime TV channels in the State. Much lower frequency levels in cinema can get the message across much better – after all, viewers are more committed, having spent considerable time and money to go to the theatre – and there are no distractions when the lights are down. In recent years, the advent of digital-clarity images and sound has enhanced the audience’s experience. While all this may be acknowledged intuitively, the data has for the first time provided the advertising industry with a quantifiable currency using hard numbers to evaluate cinema plans and place the buying and selling of ad time on par with that for the press and TV media.

The best results in advertising are achieved by using multiple media in tandem. Thus far, press and TV planning were done using scientific currencies while cinema planning was mainly a gut-feel affair. The launch of the new currency takes the gut-feel out of cinema planning. Scientific use of the media multiplier effect has also been brought one step closer.

One interesting finding from the research is that cinema’s audience shows a more up-market composition compared to TV. This is despite the fact that out of more than 1000 theatres in Tamil Nadu, there are just 4 multiplexes. Quite apart from multiplexes, the digital revolution has forced theatre owners to up-grade their properties, giving a better overall experience.

In Tamil Nadu, QCN has screen ad rights for 400+ digitally network screens presently commanding an audience share of over 60% given its predominant presence in prime- release theatres on account of its technology and quality edge. As a result, it has a higher share of audience through it presently comprises only 40% of screens in the state. The QCN network is continually expanding and is expected, in time, to garner 75% of cinema audience share in TN.

Advertisers are beginning to buy cinema like a TV channel in Tamil Nadu – QCN offers a consolidated, easy-to-monitor network. Using digital technology, QCN can control each and every screening of a feature film and likewise each and every spot in a cinema ad schedule using its patented technology. QCN maintains a log file of each and every spot shown, which is monitored on a day-to-day basis for the advertiser.

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